Classic Vinyl Fence

Classic Vinyl Picket Fence

Classic vinyl picket fence

The Classic Vinyl picket fence provides the beauty of a traditional picket fence along with a subtle scallop accent. The Classic features 3" pickets with a 2 7/8" picket spacing. Durable and maintenance-free, this picket fence will last a lifetime.
All of our Vinyl Picket Fence Panels come in 6′ widths. Choose your Style, Color and Accessories when building your fence!

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Classic Vinyl Picket Fence

Product Specifications

Panel Width 6'

Panel Height 3', 4' and 5'

Picket Size 7/8” x 3”

Picket Spacing  2 7/8”

Rail Qty 2

1 ¾” x 3 ½”

Colors White and Tan

Use 4" posts

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