Dura-Gate Systems

Residential Gates

No more irritating sagging or dragging gates!

Welcome to the world of Dura-Gate™, fence gates durable for life! Dura-Gate is the premier permanent gate frame that eliminates all the pains that go along with traditional wooden gates. No more bills from the fence company for gate adjustments. No more irritating dragging or sagging gates! It’s so easy, you can do it yourself!

The complete kit arrives ready for quick installation on any terrain. Just unpack, unfold, and you’re ready to install.

Dura-Gate™ is the answer! It’s easy to install, easy to open, easy to close, easy to maintain, and easy on your wallet.

Dura-Gate™ kits include a super-strong aluminum powder-coated gate frame, adjustable self-closing hinges and latch, gate handle, screws, instructions, instructional video, and lifetime warranty.

After the easy installation, just attach your fencing material, make a few simple adjustments, and you’re finished. Now you have a perfectly smooth-operating, super-strong fence gate that is guaranteed durable for life.

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